27 y/o curator and visual artist.

BA Fine Arts - FBAUP (Portugal)
MA Curating & Collections - UAL (UK)

Mainly curating, photography and some textiles.

This is my work, my diary and process.

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03. Textiles

2019 - on going
Embracing textiles in my body of work happened by change in my final BA year. For me, the action of weaving and sewing create a rhytmic and hipnotic therapeutics process of healing, a physical diary and exercise. Most final products are not public, but I plan to let these pieces be free once i’m ready.

03.01. Breathe In

    “Breathe In” (2019) is my final BA piece. A wool weaven blanket extending from 1m by 1.5m. A month long process where I started to realise how I can heal.

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