27 y/o curator and visual artist.

BA Fine Arts - FBAUP (Portugal)
MA Curating & Collections - UAL (UK)

Mainly curating, photography and some textiles.

This is my work, my diary and process.

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02. Photography

2018 - on going
Photography was my main medium during my BA studies. I’ve always had a passion and facisnation for capturing a moment and the memories that linger within it. Nostalgia and memories were the themes that I explored with photography, subjects very personal to me.

In photography I have a preference for film photography, though digital is present. In this section, there is a mix between portraits and landscapes, most mostly faceless subject and moments that are a part of an on going series “Disposable Chamber” (2018). 

02.01. Disposable Chambers (2018- current)

02.02. Portraits

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