27 y/o curator and visual artist.

BA Fine Arts - FBAUP (Portugal)
MA Curating & Collections - UAL (UK)

Mainly curating, photography and some textiles.

This is my work, my diary and process.

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01. Curating

2019 - on going
My curatorial journey has been developing strongly after my Fine Arts studies, but it was present during my class exhibitions. Now, my practise is focused on helping emerging artists and art communities survive in the Art World.

In this sections, there is a list of exhibitions I’ve been a part of, as well as on-going curatorial projects.

01.01. Exhibitions

In order:


DATA - June
BA Class exhibition, end of 2nd Year, participated as an artist and curator;

Ice Cream for Crow - November
Art Residency in Liverpool, UK, participated as an artist;



Padrão - March until April
Art Residency in Santo Tirso, Portugal, with BA class, participated as an artist;


As Fotografias e o Resto #4 - January
Group Photography Exhibition, participated as an artist;

BA Course Class Exhibition, participated as artist and curator;

Tem de SER? - end of May until start of June
Final BA Class Exhibition, participated as an artist and curator;

Solo Exhibition, participated as an artist and curator;



E AGORA? - January until March
LEAP group exhibtion, playing the roles of curator, organizer and artist liason;

RE_AÇÃO - August
LEAP performance event, playing the roles of curator, organizer and artist liason;



Our Haunted Futures: no one is bored, everything is boring - April MA Class Exhibition, participated as co-curator;

Reverberations: A Response to the Her Noise Archive - September
MA Final Class Exhibition, group exhibition, participated as co-curator;

Diva’s Boudoir - October
Solo exhibition of artist Alberto Maggini curated by myself (Maria Andrade), Olivia Bright, Katherine Borchsenius and Dominique Nok.

01.02. LEAP Magazine (est.2019)

    LEAP (LEAP Magazine) is a self-funded curatorial magaine and platform focused on exhibition emerging artists and spaces from the artistic community in Porto, Portugal. This mission, founded by 5 members, is explored mainly in online magazine editions with interviews (written, audio and video), accompanied by an event (exhibtion or any other live event) curated by the team. LEAP also published a zine inspired by the performance of 3 guest artists from the 2nd edition “RE-AÇÃO” (2020).

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